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Chromatin and gene expression








Our research is focused on the relationship between chromatin modifications and chromosome dynamics and the regulation of nuclear processes.

We analyse epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression in mammary tumor cells, investigating in particular the chromatin structure and its modifications at estrogen receptor target genes, and biophysical properties of chromosomes and their role in DNA double strand break repair in yeast.


The aim of our research is the analysis of chromatin fiber dynamics in nuclei of human and yeast cells at different time scales for small and large spatial displacements. We investigate the kinetics of chromatin motion and reorganisation in response to stimuli. Two biological problems are addressed, namely chromatin reorganization after transcription activation and genotoxic stress. This project relies on several technological breakthroughs in biology, nanotechnology, imaging, and physics. Indeed, we develop new chromosome labeling protocols, establish 3D microscopy tools, design microfluidic assays for high throughput screening. Future goals are the implementation of automated image analysis programs for single particle tracking, super resolution imaging and the establishment of physical laws for chromosome folding and movements. Beyond the expected outcomes for biology, these tools will prove useful for potential pharmaceutical applications of our technologies.

Organism studied :

human cell lines, Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Keywords :

Chromatin, transcription, remodeling complexes, nuclear receptors, proteolysis, tumor formation, breast cancer, high resolution microcopy.


ANR (ANDY 2013, SPAREDAM 2013,SEXPRIM 2012)   Region Midi-Pyrenees
IDEX Université de Toulouse     Ligue






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