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 Chromatin and gene expression



 Publications (since 2003)



38 -
Mariamé B., Kappler-Gratias S., Kappler M., Balor S., Gallardo F.# and Bystricky K.# “Real-time visualization and quantification of human Cytomegalovirus replication in living cells using the ANCHOR DNA labeling technology.”
J Virology, in press bioRxiv 2018,https://doi.org/10.1101/300111
37 -
Marti-Renom M. et al. (14 coauthors) “4D Nucleome: towards data and model standards” Nature Genetics 2018, in press. Perspective
36 -
Germier T., Audibert S., Kocanova S., Lane D. and Bystricky K.# “Real-time imaging of specific genomic loci in eukaryotic cells using the ANCHOR DNA labelling system” Methods 2018, 10.1016/j.ymeth.2018.04.008
35 -
Haitham Ahmed Shaban#$, Roman Barth$, Kerstin Bystricky# “Formation of correlated chromatin domains at nanoscale dynamic resolution during transcription”
Nucleic Acid Research 2018, in press; https://doi.org/10.1101/230789 bioRxiv
34 -
Silvia Kocanova#, Isabelle Goiffon and Kerstin Bystricky# “3D FISH to analyse gene domain-specific chromatin re-modeling in human cancer cells”
Methods 2018, in press doi:10.1016/j.ymeth.2018.02.013
33 -
Maria Gomez-Lamarca, Julia Falo Sanjuan, Robert Stojnic, Sohaib Abdul Rehman, Leila Muresan, Gustavo Cerda-Moya, Matthew Jones, Zhenyu Yuan, Philippe Valenti, Kerstin Bystricky, François Payre, Kevin O'Holleran, Rhett Kovall, and Sarah Bray# "Activation of the Notch signalling pathway in vivo relies on changes in nuclear effector dynamics"
Developmental Cell 44 (1-16) 2018,doi.org/10.1016/j.devcel.2018.01.020
32 -
Thomas Germier*, Silvia Kocanova*, Nike Walthers, Aurélien Bancaud, Hafida Sellou, Haitham Shaban, Jan Ellenberg, Franck Gallardo and Kerstin Bystricky# “Real-time chromatin dynamics of the single gene level during transcription activation” doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/111179 Biophysical Journal, 2017
31 -
Aurélien Bancaud, Olivier Gadal, Kerstin Bystricky “Capturing chromosome structural properties from their spatial and temporal fluctuations”
Epigenetics and Systems Biology Chapter 12. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-803075-2.00012-Xl;, 2017  book chapter
30 -
Belton JM., Lajoie BR., Audibert A., Cantaloube C., Lassadi I., Goiffon I., Bau D., Marti-Renom M., Bystricky K. and Dekker J. “The recombination enhancer modulates the conformation of chromosome 3 in budding yeast.” Cell Reports, in press 2015
29 -
Bayindir I., Babaeikelishomi R., Kocanova S., Sofia Sousa I., Lerch S., Hardt O., Wild S., Bosio A., Bystricky K., Herzig S, Vegiopoulos A.# “Transcriptional pathways in adipocyte progenitor activation for browning” Frontiers in Endocrinology, vol 6 2015
28 -
Bystricky K.# “Chromosome dynamics and folding in eukaryotes: insights from live cell microscopy” FEBS Letters Special Issue 3D Genome Structure, in press pii: S0014-5793(15)00611-0. doi: 10.1016/j.febslet.2015.07.012. 2015 review
27 -
Lassadi I.*, Kamgoué A*., Goiffon I., Tanguy-le-Gac N. and Bystricky K.# “Differential chromosome conformations as hallmarks of cellular identity revealed by mathematical polymer modeling. ” PLoS Computational Biology, DOI 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004306, 2015
26 -
de Cremoux P. #, Dalvai M., N’Doye O., Moutahir F., Rolland G., Chouchane-Mlik O., Assayag F., Lehmann-Che J.,Kraus-Berthier L., Nicolas A., Lockhart B.P., Marangoni E., de Thé H., Depil S., Bystricky K. and Decaudin D. “HDAC inhibition does not induce Estrogen Receptor in human triple negative breast cancer cell lines and Patient-Derived Xenografts. ” BCRT (Breast Cancer Research and Therapy) in press, 2014
25 -
Queval R., Papin C., Dalvai M., Bystricky K. and Humbert O.# “Reptin and Pontin oligomerization and activity are modulated through histone H3 amino-terminal tail interaction.” JBC online 21 oct, 2014

24 -

Lavigne A.-C. #, Castells M., Dalvai M., Mermet J., Kocanova S. and Bystricky K. «Increased macroH2A1.1 Expression Correlates with Poor Survival of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients.” PLoS ONE, 9(6): e98930. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0098930, 2014

23 -

Gallardo F.*, Saad H.*, Dalvai M., Tanguy le Gac N., Lane D. and Bystricky K.# "Early steps of double strand break processing revealed by non-intrusive imaging of DNA loci in living cells." PLoS Genetics march 13, 2014

22 -

Hajjoul H.*, Mathon J.*, Ranchon H., Goiffon I., Mocciconazzi J., Albert B., Carrivain P., Victor J.M., Gadal O., Bystricky K., Bancaud A..# "Chromosome dynamics in living yeast: quantitative determination of the physical parameters that govern chromatin movements" Genome Research, in press doi: 10.1101/gr.157008.113, 2013

21 -

Dalvai M., Fleury L., Kocanova S., Bellucci L. and Bystricky K.# "Tip48/reptin required for promoter-enhancer crosstalk in transcription activation" PLoS Genetics,9(4): e1003387. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1003387 Article

20 -

Bellucci L.*, Dalvai M.*, Kocanova S., Moutahir F. and Bystricky K.# « Activation of p21 by HDAC inhibitors requires H2A.Z » PLoS ONE, 8(1):e54102. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0054102.

19 -



Dalvai M., Bellucci L., Fleury L., Lavigne AC., Moutahir F. and Bystricky K#. "H2AZ dependent intragenic looping regulates cyclin D1 expression". Oncogene, oct 29 doi 10.038 PMID:2318396, 2012 Article

18 -

Bystricky K#, Gallardo F, Lane D, Dubarry N. « Visualisation de la position et de la dynamique de loci d'ADN dans les cellules vivantes en utilisant un nouveau groupe de petits opérateurs bactériens » PCT/EP2012/055258. WO/2012/127047 ; Patent

17 -

Imen Lassadi and Kerstin Bystricky#, "Tracking of single and multiple genomic loci in living yeast cells" Methods Mol Biol, may 29, 2011

16 -

Silvia Kocanova*, Mahta Mazaheri*, Stephanie Caze-Subra and Kerstin Bystricky# "Ligands specify estrogen receptor alpha nuclear localization and degradation." BMC Cell Biology 11:98, 2010. Article

15 -

Medina P, Genovese S, Paillasse MR, Mazaheri M, Caze-Subra S, Bystricky K, Curini M, Silvente-Poirot S, Epifano F, Poirot M.
Auraptene is an inhibitor of cholesterol esterification and a modulator of estrogen receptors.
Mol Pharmacol. 2010 Nov;78(5):827-36 (Medline).

14 -

Mathieu Dalvai, Kerstin Bystricky Cell Cycle and Anti-Estrogen Effects Synergize to Regulate Cell Proliferation and ER Target Gene Expression This is an open-access article distributed by PLoS ONE: Research Article, published 08 Jun 2010 10.1371/journal.pone.0011011 Article

13 -


Silvia Kocanova*, Elizabeth Kerr*, Sehrish Rafique, Shelagh Boyle, Stephanie Caze-Subra, Wendy Bickmore# and Kerstin Bystricky# “Activation of estrogen responsive genes does not require nuclear co-localisation” PLoS Genetics Published online on April 22, 2010, doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000922 Article
commentaire, a la une du CNRS INSB

12 -

Mathieu Dalvai and Kerstin Bystricky#, “The Role of Histone Modifications and Variants in Regulating Gene Expression in Breast Cancer” J Mam Gland Biology Neoplasia Vol. 15, Issue 1, P. 19, 2010. Article

11 -

Hajjoul H, Kocanova S, Lassadi I, Bystricky K, Bancaud A. Lab-on-Chip for fast 3D particle tracking in living cells. Lab Chip. 2009 Nov 7; 9(21):3054-8. Article

10 -

He S, Bystricky K, Leon S, François JM, Parrou JL. The Saccharomyces cerevisiae vacuolar acid trehalase is targeted at the cell surface for its physiological function. FEBS J. 2009 Oct;276(19):5432-46. Article

9 -


Silvia Kocanova and Kerstin Bystricky# 2009 “Genome Duality” Genome Biology 10:308, 38 may 2009.

8 -


Adriana Miele, Kerstin Bystricky#, Job Dekker#, 2009 “Yeast mating type loci form heterochromatic clusters through silencer protein-dependent long-range interactions” PLoS Genet. 2009 May;5(5) Medline

7 -

Kerstin Bystricky, Haico van Attikum, Maria D. Montiel, Vincent Dion, Lutz Gehlen and Susan M.Gasser Regulation of nuclear positioning and dynamcis of the silent mating type loci by the yeast Ku70 complex, Mol Cell Biol 29(3), 2009 Medline

6 -

Laurence Fleury, Marie Gerus*, Anne-Claire Lavigne*, Hélène Richard-Foy and Kerstin Bystricky Eliminating epigenetic barriers induces transient hormone-regulated gene expression in estrogen receptor negative breast cancer cells. Oncogene 27:4075-4085, 2008 Medline

5 -

Baron S, Escande A, Alberola G, Bystricky K, Balaguer P, Richard-Foy H.
Estrogen receptor alpha and the AP1 complex cooperate during IGF-I- induced transcriptional activation of the pS2/TFF1 gene. J Biol Chem. 282(16):11732-41, 2007. Medline
4 -

Lutz Gehlen, Angelo Rosa, Konstantin Klenin, Jörg Langowski, Susan M.Gasser and Kerstin Bystricky Spatially confined polymer chains: implications of chromatin fibre flexibility and peripheral anchoring on telomere–telomere interaction. J Phys: Condensed Matter 18: S245-252, 2006. (article)
3 -

Bystricky, K., Laroche, T., van Houwe, G., Blaszczyk, M., and Gasser, S. M. Chromosome looping in yeast: telomere pairing and coordinated movement reflect anchoring efficiency and territorial organization. J Cell Biol 168, 375-387, 2005. Medline
2 -

Bystricky, K., Heun, P., Gehlen, L., Langowski, J., and Gasser, S. M. Long-range compaction and flexibility of interphase chromatin in budding yeast analyzed by high-resolution imaging techniques. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 101, 16495-16500, 2004. Medline
1 -

Dorigo, B.*, Schalch, T.*, Bystricky, K.*, and Richmond, T. J. (* co-premier avec étudiants encadrés) Chromatin fiber folding: requirement for the histone H4 N-terminal tail. J Mol Biol 327, 85-96, 2003. Medline




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